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PRABHAT TARA, Morning Star has been true to its name and character. Morning star is one of the small stars but quite visible in the horizon when other stars begin to fade in twilight. And this morning star guides peoples on their onward journey and remains a point of reference and hence a sign of hope.

             Prabhat Tara School has been and continuous to be a beacon of hope for the children especially for girls from in and around muzaffarpur area. It illumines their mind and heart to shine brightly and enables them to dispel any darkness that they encounter in the future. Since fifty nine years, it has rendered excellent service in the field of education and formation of children. It has facilitated the learning of thousand and thousand girl children. Thus it has instilled into them the confidence that they are no less than boys. In turn, this confidence as awakened in them a sense of dignity shared by human being, empowered with the education they realize their potential and contribute greatly in the renewal, transformation and building up of the new society.

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